Residential Ceramic Coatings

Protective Nano Coating Systems

As reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2022, the average expense for constructing a new residence in Australia, encompassing both houses and units, stood at a remarkable $473,000. It’s important to note that this figure represents a nationwide average, with major cities experiencing notably higher construction and renovation expenses. This underscores the rationale behind safeguarding your recently erected or upgraded dwelling โ€“ not only to mitigate the effects of aging, leading to long-term cost savings, but also to significantly streamline the cleaning and upkeep efforts for years to come.

At Machina Detailing Co we have teamed up with IGL Coatings to provide a range of Coatings that are specifically designed to prolong the life of the surface that is coated by both protecting it from external factors such as spills and chemicals whilst providing nano technology cleaning benefits to save you and your family time and cost in upkeep cleaning and maintenance!

Are you looking to protect your home? Our service covers everything from glass, leather couches, fridges, mirrors, benchtops, cabinets and more.

IGL Coatings is a world pioneer nano technology manufacturing and Research & Development firm who are proud be ISO 9001 accredited as well as REACH compliant meaning that you can rely on our products with confidence to not only perform as described but also be safe for the installers as well as your family!

The Residential Coating provides:




IGL Certified Master Applicator

IGL Coatings are the ultimate car protection coating system solution Australia-wide. Machina Detailing Co is a certified master applicator of IGL Coatings and we exclusively use IGL products to ensure the highest level of exterior and interior protection for your vehicle.